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We guarantee no pussies were harmed during the photography. All pussies are at least 18 days old at the time of photography.
ALL images of pus...kitties were obtained from ALL images were listed under "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" AND "Find content to use commercially". If one of the images used on the Kitty Porn web site belong to you AND you do not want them displayed here then please use the "Got A Satirical Comment" form on the main page of The Satirical Web and let us know. After verifying we will remove them immediately.

If you feel that your pus... uh kitty has been somehow emotionally compromised, disturbed, or harmed OR that your pus...GOD DAMMIT I DID IT AGAIN... your kitties exceptional reputation of being a fine upstanding law abidingly good citizen in your community has been damaged in any way then by all means let us know, we will make every effort to post more disturbing and revealing images of them that were taken without their consent.

All cats in on this site signed a waiver giving explicte consent to use their bare naked bodies for cheap commercial purposes. As an additional protective measure they were asked to recite the Kitty Porn Oath of Consent:
I, Meow Meow, meow meow meeeeow, meeeow, meoooow meow meow meeeeow meow meeeeow meow meeeeoooow meeeoow mew moew meeee mooom meow moew meow meow meeeeow, meeeow, meoooow meow meow meeeeow meow meeeeow meow meeeeoooow!